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This set contains: 1 x Red Army Kalaschnikow Vodka 1.0L + 0.2L Liqueur (40% Vol.) 4 x 9mm Energy Drink 0.25L This extraordinary product bundle combines two of Russia's biggest exports: The vodka and the Kalashnikov. Kalaschnikow Red Army Vodka comes packed in a green wooden ammunition box and in shape of a glass replica of the legendary Russian assault rifle (also known as AK-47) which is filled with 1 l of high quality vodka made of finest spirit and crystal clear spring water. The vodka is very smooth with subtle notes of honey and vanilla. In addition, the box includes a hand-grenade shaped flask filled with fine herbal liqueur and six shot glasses with "Red Army" emblems! On top of that, as an Urban Drinks exclusive, you get four extra cans of 9MM Energy Drink. The cans of this energy drink come in shape of bullets! Quality wise, this drink definitely can keep up with the more known products.