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Akashi-Tai Junmai Daiginjo Genshu The nose on this very unique sake is a gentle collection of burnt vanilla, melon, koji rice, and orange peel aromas. If you like to wade through complexity in a glass then this Daiginjo that has been milled to 38% is perfect for you. It is both a mystery and a celebration in a smooth, velvety, round and slippery fluid that finds the entire palate. It is a 16% genshu (undiluted), which gives it body and personality. There are many peek-a-boo flavors such as vanilla and orange, which combine to make a cream-cycle like experience. It is slightly citrus fruity, but drinks more on the dry side. There is a very professional complexity to this brew, which means it’s hard to put your feeling on certain flavors. The bottom line is that it excels in a wineglass, and is ready for those who like to explore the unknown. WORD: Complex WINE: Deep reds/fat whites BEER: Chewy creamy ales FOODS: Seafood, international spiced fare, and veggies/salads.