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Not only is Enrique Fonseca the largest owner of estate grown agave in the world, which his family has been cultivating for generations, but he also has the most extensive knowledge of oak aging tequila, with a collection of casks that include tequilas over twenty years old! Needless to say, when he decides to do an everyday reposado it's not a surprise that it over delivers in a major way. Using the same high brix estate grown agaves that are crushed using a proprietary method and slow fermented with natural yeast, Cimarron Reposado is then aged for three to six months in American white oak before being blended in small batches. Vibrant, bright agave notes greet you on the nose, with a nice dose of vanilla, hay, and mountain flowers with only some hints of spice. The liquid is almost ethereal on the palate with flavors echoing the aromas. There are zero rough edges here. This is refined liquid gold.