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Born of heritage barley grown in Atlantic soil, triple distilled in traditional copper pot stills and cut with the purest of water. The time has now come to give something back, to craft spirits that feed the soul. Clonakilty is a premium Irish whiskey. The Distillers at Clonakilty have hand selected an 8 year old grain and 10 year old triple distilled malt to create this rst single batch Clonakilty Irish whiskey. Nose: Fresh, ripe peaches and zesty aromas, creamy with a hint of wood character in the background. Palate: Very fruity with peaches and zests, soft spices, some chili and cardamom in the length. Finish: Middle long with a gentle pepperiness, the spices linger and get softer towards the end. Whisky Advocate Review 87 points Clonakilty, 43.6% Irish Blended Whiskey Ahead of the distillery opening, Michael Scully is working on a series of Clonakilty releases in the warehouse. His promising first release is bourbon cask matured, with a nose of raspberry, strawberry taffy, roasted coriander seed, star anise, apple, green fruits, and smoldering cooperage oak. The palate brings mandarin, light honey, sweet oak, creamy vanilla, fresh banana, peppercorns, and custard. Vanilla sweetness and a welcome spicy buzz to finish. (3,000 bottles) Reviewed by: Jonny McCormick (Winter 2017)