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Look – Deep garnet with a dark burgundy – almost black – heart with a speedy yet weighty-looking surface that settles quickly after swirling, leaving behind fat, tightly-spaced legs that move slowly down the glass Smell – Lush layers of dark and smoky fruits, with a spicy rush of blueberry, blackberry, mocha, licorice and minerals with mild spice and soft cigar box Feel – Wet, light and cool at initial entry, then lush tannins take hold with a rich texture that coats your mouth as flavors expand and become even larger in your mouth Taste – Deeply delicious with lush layers of concentrated fruit of dark mixed berries, smoky plum, chalky mineral, black cherry, tobacco, dark chocolate and cassis Finish – Extra long finish with richly layered medium tannins that dry but then leave behind big flavors that increase and then taper gradually