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Nose: Brown sugar, raw sugar cookie dough, a touch of mint and a deep underlying layer of dark fruit. Ethanol appears but dissipates quickly. Smells fantastic. Taste: There is heat to no surprise at the proof this is bottled but drinks well below that number. Extremely rich in flavor and mouthfeel. Lots of brown sugar and toffee. A few drops of water tames the burn a bit and brings to the surface those dark fruits that appear on the nose. Finish: L-o-n-g. Longer than any dram I have enjoyed to date. The base flavors seem to remain but in a muted state and just hang in there and hang in there. Pleasant chest warming at the end. Overall: Best bourbon I have ever tasted. It is unashamedly brash and powerful but at the same time filled with complexity and a strong expression of the base flavors that I enjoy so much in bourbon. Rating: 95. Fantastic stuff.