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The 2010 harvest year was punctuated by a direct move from Spring into Fall. Summer basically consisted of several huge heat spikes that set records in Northern California. The cool weather we encountered during most of the growing season allowed the grapes to develop slowly resulting in maturity at lower sugars and higher acidities at harvest. Coupled with this balance, the fruitiness of the grape was retained resulting in exceptional aromas and flavors. However, the heat spikes did result in some vineyard issues. Large quantities of grapes, were lopped off the vines to keep them from being harvested and brought into the winery. After all the hand wringing that Mother Nature caused during the season, the 2010 harvest may actually go down as one of the most intriguing, most difficult and the best vintages of the early 21st century. The reds are stunning – amazing colors in wines that are soft, supple and full bodied. Amazing results from an amazing year!