HENNESSY VS 1L luminous

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Upon its release, Hennessy VS Luminous was merely available from a couple of selected night clubs in Miami, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and New York and has therefore become quite rare. Hennessy VS Luminous contains the brand's classic VS, which is rested in oaken casks for two and a half to five years after its distillation. What makes this variant of the cognac particularly interesting is the fact that the bottle's inscription glows in the dark - thus making the product a real eye catcher. Hennessy VS Luminous consists of 40 carefully chosen eaux-de-vie that all come from the Cognac region. The diversity of the chosen eaux-de-vie makes this Hennessy a perfectly aromatic cognac. In the nose, it offers a wonderfully scent of vanilla, several other spices and oak. On the palate, the cognac presents floral notes that are underlined with hints of vanilla and wood - a timeless classic!