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Nose Initially discreet, gradually unfolding, complex. Apricot jam, light smoke and peat, sweet pastries, plum wine, lollipops, new furniture, varnish and polish (very, very delicately), oriental spices, a new tree, a little perfume, a slight hint of pine needles and juniper. Taste Moderately dry, full-bodied, powerful. Black pepper, oriental spices and spices, ascorbic acid, creamy caramel, red apple, plum wine, light smoke and peat, fruit drops, oak tannins. Finish Long, warming, smoothly fading, tannin, slightly astringent, with a pleasant oak bitterness at the end. At first, the fragrance does not promise great miracles, but then everything falls into place. Whisky is pleasantly zasublen (although someone may find that the tree in the taste and finish a bit too much).