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The Hitori Musume Sayaka Junmai Saké ($10/300ml) comes from the Ibaraki prefecture and its means roughly translates as "only one daughter." There is little information on the bottle's label about the Saké and online searches did not derive much info either. It has an alcohol content of 14.5% but I don't know the Sake Meter Value, the type of rice used, or the polishing rate. I felt that this Saké was rather simple but enjoyable. It had a full and smooth mouthfeel with plenty of fruity flavors, including some pear and melon notes. It tended a bit more on the dry side, but not overly so. Probably a good pairing for seafood or just a pleasant drink on its own. It should also appeal to those new to Saké due to its general mellowness. At its price, it is worth checking out.