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this is an excellent blended wine that combines, with a wonderful harmony, the varied and magnificent grape varieties of the Alsace region. And the result for this 2017 vintage: an Alsace wine that is both typical and authentic for its region; full of flavour, fruity, straight and dry, the perfect combination to arouse a thirst for cool, round, refreshing sensations. The aroma hits the nose with a powerful fruitiness filled with the scent of youthful springtime and a flavour melts and charms on the taste-buds. This is an ideal thirst-quencher; serve immediately although, thanks to its perfect and harmonious structure, there is a potential improvement to be had from laying it down for 3 to 5 years. An ideal wine for aperitifs, serve at 8°C. Oysters, shellfish, seafood, raw fish, sushi or marinated, Carpaccio of langoustines, scallops, grilled fish in light or slightly creamy sauces. Ideal with lightly spiced oriental, Indian, Moroccan, Mexican dishes. Or serve with white meat: veal, pork and poultry, partridge, pheasant.