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Golden Star Brand” Kao Liang Chiew (sorghum liquor) has been known as Chinese special fen-flavor liquor made of high grade Chinese sorghum grown in North China with barley, wheat and pea. We use a sophisticated and strict brewing method which focuses on crushing, fermentation, blending and over 2 years of storage before bottling. With the unique style and premium quality, “Golden Star Brand” Kao Liang Chiew remains very popular among consumers for decades. Our multi-award winning liquor is characterized by a clear look, rich aroma and mellow taste. As a top-grade spirit, Kao Liang Chiew helps eliminate fatigue and improve metabolism. Being the soul of “Golden Star brand”, Kao Liang Chiew is also used as the base liquor for Wu Chia Pi Chiew and Mei Kuei Lu Chiew, which gives the latter a unique taste and top quality.