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Kurokame Is A Surprising Imo Shochu Made With “Purple” Satsuma Sweet Potatoes. These Potatoes Have A Robust Reddish Purple Skin, But Are A Pale Yellow Inside. It Is Distilled Traditionally In Earthen Pots (Kame) Using Black Koji (Kuro Koji) – Thus The Name, Kurokame – Or Black Stone Pot. Kurokame Has A Surprisingly Neutral Nose. Imos Tend To Smell Like Fresh Dirt In A Good Way. This Imo Smells More Subtle – Almost A Roasted Essence. The Initial Palate Is Spicy With A Rich Sweetness. And Then The Roast Hits – A Roasted Wheat Flavor. The Roast Holds Along With A Hint Of Sweet Spiciness Throughout The Finish. This Is A Delicious Imo Shochu. It’s Difficult To Decide Whether We Prefer It Neat, Cut With Water (Hot Or Cold), Or On The Rocks. Highly Recommended