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Look – Deepest burgundy with a dark and slightly inky core, this wine has gorgeous ruby edges. When swirled, the wine shows a softly bouncy surface that leaves behind compact clusters of skinny legs that crawl slowly down the edges of the glass Smell – Dark and richly bold in intensity with darkest mixed berries which showcase authentic blackberry and blueberry at the front. Under these are intriguing aromas of candied cherry, rose petals, cassis and slightly smoky vanilla Feel – Medium-bold, with a soft up-front feel that gives way to a slightly dry and mouth-filling feel as fine tannins and a soft acidity balance out the wine Taste – Deliciously sweet chocolate-covered cherry is the first flavor on the palate. This is accompanied by deep and dark mixed berry, with black cherry, plum and cassis. These are integrated with softly earthy undertones of cedar and spice Finish – Mouthwatering, this rich, clean and well-structured wine presents flavors that linger as flavors move from rich dark fruit to slightly spicy with pepper and earth