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The Muirhead’s history dates back to 1824 and culminates in the Silver Seal range of Muirhead’s Single Malts; a superbly packaged range of top quality single malt whisky, specially selected by the master distiller. Derived from the Muirhead Clan, Gaelic for "Head of the Moor" or "Highest Point of the Moor", the contemporary Muirhead's Scotch range perfectly embodies its proud and venerated origins. The most highly acclaimed legend of the Muirhead Clan was when the clan’s people were the Royal Bodyguards at the battle of Flodden Field in 1513, in which the Scots were pitted against the English. The King along with thousands of Scots perished including 200 of the Clansmen. The 16YO has received a great rap in the esteemed Jim Murray Whisky Bible of 2013 receiving 89.5 points. Jim noted "How elegant! The 16 Year Old is just so delicate and sexy!" Tasting Note: Rich golden yellow. A rich and full nose, with a strong character, there are notes of dried fruit, chocolate and herbs. Sweet and exceptionally well rounded. Toffee and barley sugar with a hint of smoke and peat. Medium to long finish."