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THIS CHARDONNAY is more round, more rich, and more full-bodied than your average California Chardonnay, as you might suspect with the term "unfiltered" used on the label. Does that mean it's better? I can't answer that, and like everything in life you have devotees, but I just taste the wine and try and give a relative judgment as to how much I like the wines I taste. The price of the wine has to be taken into consideration, and this is not an inexpensive Chardonnay. There is another aspect of buying a wine, and as I've mentioned before: how will the bottle itself enhance your "table setting" and is that a consideration for you, is the meal an important occasion? I've included a picture of the whole bottle to display the elegance of this one and how lovely it is; I'm guessing that the Newton winery spent a bit more money bottling this wine. To the wine: The color is golden with brassy tones. The aroma is apple blossoms and honey-dew. The medium-plus body carries mouth-watering acidity smoothly, is off dry, and has flavors (none-over-powering) of melon, quince, vanilla, butterscotch, and caramel. The wine finishes long with ginger and white pepper.