Opthimus RUM OPORTO 25yrs RUM

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Opthimus is that kind of brand, that every rum-loving person should know and taste. Opthimus comes in a lot of different ages in the range from 15 year old all the way up to the 25 year old (note that this is made in a Solera system), which I will be reviewing today. Opthimus is made by the company “Oliver & Oliver” in the Dominican Republic. Oliver & Oliver also produce the excellent Cubaney rums and more unknown brands of rum. The Opthimus 25 is one of the finest rums from Opthimus. It has been on ex-bourbon casks, which is very easy to taste. While this is the regular 25 year old, Opthimus has also produced a Opthimus 25 Oporte, which has been 2 years in port casks and a Opthimus 25 Malt Whisky, which has spent some time in ex-whisky casks.