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Many enjoy stone’s on its own or over ice but it is most famously drunk as a ‘whisky mac’ when mixed with whisky. The warmth of stone’s is a perfect complement to the smooth taste of the whisky. This perennial ‘winter warmer’ is the perfect way to relax on the long dark evenings. Displaying its versatility at the other extreme stone’s creates the perfect summer cooler as a long drink combined with lemonade or other mixers such as ginger ale. In the last few years the resurgent interest in cocktails has prompted prestigious mixologists to discover an array of tempting concoctions. Some of the most stylish bars are now creating new drinks by exploiting the perhaps unique potential of stone’s original ginger wine. Not to be outdone the current generation of chefs have smuggled stone’s into the kitchen to bring the smooth rich ginger flavour to any number of dishes sauces and puddings. – stone’s