Sula sauv BLANC 08

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India's first Sauvignon Blanc is a complex and crisp wine with flavors of cut green grass, bell pepper aromas with hints of spice and gooseberries. This bright, pale green-colored wine also has a racy acidity with a wonderful long finish. Most of the grapes come from two different vineyards, with the major share from the one near Dindori, about 50 kilometers away from the estate. This particular vineyard has red soil with lots of gravels and small loose rocks. The other vineyard at the estate has a sandy clay soil. The canopy characteristics at the two vineyards varied only slightly with all vineyards using the open U-trellis system. Aromatic and grassy, New World-style. Floral, crisp and dry with a hint of green peppers and a touch of spice at the finish. Sauvignon Blanc pairs well with spicy Indian food, especially coastal and Southern coconut-based curries and dishes flavored with coriander.