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At first, the aromas were predominantly fruit-driven – lots of blackberry, and still quite tight. I returned to the glass about 30 minutes later to find a more complex wine. Earthier aromas of graphite, cassis, and fresh cigar came out from behind the black fruit. Despite the age, the fruit tannins are still quite tight and forward. I’d bet that this wine will improve greatly over the next 5 years. There’s a great backbone of acidity as well. Flavors of tart cherry, plum, and pomegranate go on and on with a hint of cola on the finish. This wine’s Bordeaux roots are definitely showing, but there’s no question that the heart is pure Italian. As for pairing, I recommend sticking to the classics. A juicy steak – maybe bistecca Fiorentina? Simple seasonings, earthy flavors, fatty enough to stand up to the still-lively tannins. Hearty mushroom risotto is my recommendation for vegetarians or meatless Mondays.