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e sourced the fruit for this wine from select vineyards in Mendocino and Lake Counties. Both of these regions have large diurnal temperature swings, which allow for slow maturation of complex flavors. Under the heat of the sun, the sugars develop, allowing the melon and stone-fruit characters of this varietal to come forward. As the cool nighttime conditions set in, the ripening process is slowed, establishing well-balanced acids. The result is a stunning combination of ripe fruits with bright citrus and mineral notes. The rounder, riper profile of our Sauvignon Blanc began with extended hangtime on the vine. Throughout the fall, we monitored the grapes carefully, picking the fruit at the peak of phenological ripeness. To preserve the fresh aromas and high fruit tones, we placed the grapes in stainless steel for a cool fermentation. The lower temperatures allowed a slow extraction of flavors, retaining the wine’s bright character and subtle nuances. To enhance mouthfeel, a small amount was aged sur lie.