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Founded in 1548, Yoshinogawa is the eighth oldest existing saké brewery in Japan and the very first saké brewery to be established in the now famed Niigata Prefecture (North and West of Tokyo, along the sea of Japan). The knowledge of multiple centuries goes into crafting each bottle of Yoshinogawa saké. Every sip is a representation of a lush agricultural region, deep winter snows, abundant pristine water and the pure love of the craft. Yoshinogawa takes pride in using its local resources to craft the best expression of their region’s natural beauty and bounty. Yoshinogawa Golden Harvest Echigo Junmai sake is pure saké, made from only rice, water, koji and yeast. As a junmai, no other ingredients may be added. Lovely water notes express the rich agricultural region of Niigata while citrus and spice overtones give a glimpse into the brewer’s craft. A balance of savory and sweet marks this truly expressive yet subtle saké. Pair with roasted pork with winter fruit chutney, cider glazed turkey or pound cake. Gluten-free. Sulfite-free.